Donuts EPD1

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    Donuts EPD1

    Donuts EPD1

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Donuts EPD1 Mini Donuts



The device is used for the production of tasty and fluffy mini donuts, mini donuts' so-called donuts with a hole.

The device works in manual mode. The finished dough (from concentrate or our recipe) is poured into the dispenser. Then, by rotating the dispenser handle, a donut is created, a donut that simply enters the frying chamber. Frying time from one minute to several depending on the temperature and consistency of the dough.

The machine is equipped with a thermostat that allows setting the set temperature and its automatic maintenance. Fast preparation time and continuous operation.


The set consists of four elements:

1. Electric fryer max. 200 ° C

2. Manual dispenser mounted above the frying chamber.

3. The side shelf serves for putting ready donuts and draining them

4. A stainless steel spike to turn and pull donuts / donuts


- regulation of frying temperature

- simultaneous frying 10-15 pieces donuts

- oil capacity: 11l

- dispenser capacity: 2.9l

- efficiency: 80-120 pcs / h

- power: 4 kW

- 230V voltage

- dimensions: 400x800x680mm

- weight: 15kg