If you wish to order any of the products presented on this webpage, please read carefully the following conditions and confirm your order only if you agree with our terms. Should you have any questions regarding this document, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service anytime. 

Terms and Conditions

These general conditions apply to all offers and deliveries from the seller to the buyer and are subject to changes in case both parties expressly agree in writing.

2. Delivery 
2.1. Delivery shall be made according to our Delivery.
2.2. No approximate delivery time stated on the website or written by our staff should be considered as a contractual deadline unless otherwise expressly agreed. In well-founded cases late delivery is to be compensated by the seller.

3. Complaints 
3.1. Complaints concerning visible defects must be immediately reported in written form using the official claims form of the forwarding agent. This report complemented with photo documentation must be submitted to the Sender no later than three working days after receipt of the goods delivered. Complaints concerning hidden defects should be expected to report latest within eight days after discovery of the defect. The possibility of a claim relating to hidden defects expires one year after receipt of the goods delivered, no matter how many years warranty the product is sold with.
3.2 Returns and cancellations may be made only with the consent of the seller, possibly at a remuneration to be determined. Order cancellations can be accepted only within 4 hours from time of ordering. After 4 hours your order is processed and collected in our warehouse, transport is booked and costs have been made.
3.3. Transport costs and payment costs will not be credited.
3.4. Please check your product immediately upon receipt. Do not accept the shipment when damaged.
3.5. We advise you to look carefully at the product dimensions, voltage and other specifications before placing an order. In cause of doubt, do not hesitate to contact us.
3.6. Seller accepts no responsibility for any information published on 3rd party web sites, even if they may be accessible via an external link. Please ensure you know the products and specification of the items you are buying, as we do not warrant the suitability or compatibility of goods for a particular purpose. Goods are not sold on a trial basis.

4. Liability
4.1 Liability for damage caused by delay in delivery, lost profits, business interruption loss and other consequential damages is excluded.
4.2 The limitations of the seller's liability included in these conditions do not apply if the damage is caused by intent or gross negligence by the Seller.

5. Payments and price increases 
5.1. For customers within the European Union payment in advance by bank wire transfer is always accepted. In some countries cash on delivery (COD) is also available. Any bank or other charges (including, but not exclusively bank transfer charges) are the responsibility of the Buyer.
5.2. Pricing, typesetting and visualization errors on website are reserved, but Seller must not increase price of ordered products after a specific order is confirmed by its Customer Service manually.  

6. Retention of title 
Seller shall retain title to all goods delivered to the other party and to be delivered until the purchase price of these goods has been paid. 

7. Competent Court 
Any dispute between the buyer and seller in case the court has jurisdiction shall be in derogation of the statutory rules governing the jurisdiction of the civil court settled by the court.

8. Warranty
8.1 Defects in a device which demonstrably a material and / or workmanship can be traced back are subject to the following conditions: repaired free of charge, with the exception of travel and labor costs. Defects to be reported immediately after discovery
8.2 Not covered by warranty are light breakable parts and parts subject to wear. No warranty is made in case of minor deviations from the desired properties, insofar as these are not important for the value and functionality of the device, or in case of damage caused by chemical or electrochemical reaction of water and in the generally as a result of anomalous environmental factors, faulty operation or in contact with substances to which the device is otherwise unable to withstand. A warranty claim is rejected if the fault of the device can be traced back to improper use, improper maintenance or non-compliance with the use- or assembly instructions. A warranty is void if repairs or interventions are carried out by people not authorized by Seller or if the devices are equipped with spare parts, extensions or accessories other than genuine parts causing any defect.
8.3. An on-site repair is only possible when using non-transportable equipment.
8.4. Any repair shall not lead to an extension of the warranty and do not constitute the beginning of a new warranty. The warranty period for delivered or installed replacement parts ends with the warranty time for the device as a whole.
8.5. Repairs and service take place during business hours (8:00 to 17:00). Costs of repair on location EUR 0.32 net / kilometre and EUR 32 per working hour, starting point is the nearest service partner's location, with a minimum of EUR 32 net travel cost and 0:30 hours labor. 
8.6. The seller can arrange a pick up for smaller appliances, in this case the device will be collected from you and returned after service. The unit must be properly packed for transport, the seller is not responsible for any damage caused during transport

9. Privacy
Personal information given during shopping or checkout process are to be kept confidential. Only information necessary for delivery is handed over to the carrier. No other personal information is given to third parties for any purpose.