Prof. Mobile Cotton Candy Floss: Accu12V+Gas / 230V

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    Prof. Mobile Cotton Candy Floss: Accu12V+Gas / 230V

    Prof. Mobile Cotton Candy Floss: Accu12V+Gas / 230V

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Prof. Mobile Cotton Candy Floss: Accu 12V + Gas or 230V 


This model Mobile Cotton Candy Flos Accu or 230V could be supply on Accu or only with 230V power.


obile Cotton Candy Floss machine ACCU ! perfect used in places where access to the 230-volt connection is limited. You could working everywhere you want supply 12V accu/battery and small gas canister. Don't need 230V electricity! 



- Runs on:

  12 V DC car battery - Don't need 230V electricity and LP gas (liquid propane - a small camping gas canister)

  or normal 230V 
- high performance and professional use
- Full Mobile device Can be used flexibly
- On/Off switch control
- 3 speed adjustment
- Gas (flame) adjustment
- Piezoelectric gas lighter 
- Very quiet
- Easy handling and cleaning
- CE



- Voltage 12 V  accu/battery or 230 V
- Pressure: 37 mbar, gas consumption: 3kg - 2000 portions 
- Pot size: 52cm 
- Work performance: 5-6 portions (12 - 18 g) per minute  = 300 portions/h

- Includes electric cable 12V and hose and pressure regulator

- Measurements (LxWxH) 40 x 56+40 x 30 cm 
- Weight 12 kg